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Welcome to Boston Adventist D.R.E.A.M. Academy!

Why do we call ourselves the D.R.E.A.M. academy?  Our mission is to lead our students to an understanding of their Destiny, Revealed through Excellent Academics for the Master.

The Boston Adventist D.R.E.A.M. Academy was born out of a desire to provide students with  an education tailored to their unique interests and needs.  Since commencing operations in 2012, we can proudly say that 100% of our graduates have been accepted into college, providing them with boundless opportunities for success.


Boston Adventist D.R.E.A.M. Academy is a Seventh-day Adventist academy where students are taught not only to seek wisdom and knowledge but truth, justice and mercy.  We are a community where youth can dream big dreams, and where teachers, administrators and families unite to help students accomplish their dreams.  Our doors are open to all students who have a desire to learn.

At Boston Adventist D.R.E.A.M. Academy, you will see:

  • Young people asking hard questions and receiving answers to contemporary issues from a Biblical perspective.
  • Administrators and families uniting for the success of the youth.
  • Teachers and facilitators committed to the success of each student and trained to stimulate intellectual curiosity.
  • Students being energized and instilled with a love and appreciation for knowledge; ┬ástudents taking responsibility for their learning and academic success.
  • An emphasis on the importance of health to maximize clarity of thought, vitality and a sense of physical wellbeing.
  • An emphasis on emotional wellbeing.
  • Students understanding and valuing their uniqueness and embracing their differences.
  • Students equipped to become change-makers within their communities and spheres of influence through a service-orientated outlook and Christ-like behavior.

We have a rolling enrollment for all students in 9th through 12th grades.  Please contact our Principal, Mr. Robert Jackson at:  principal@bostonadventistdreamacademy.org.

Please be patient  with us as we build our brand new website and be sure to check back frequently for updates.